About Us

The Blackbaud User Society was created in 2006 with a sole purpose:  

Helping users of Blackbaud fundraising software get the most out of
their investment.

Blackbaud products are expensive. Then again, so is a Mercedes - but with both you get
what you pay for. Unfortunately, many nonprofits do not use their software to its full potential. Blackbaud does offer support and training, but the users of the software have been stuck in
the trenches for far too long. We know what its like to be too busy to write a policies and procedures manual for your database. We understand when you would rather track an event
in a spreadsheet because your software makes it so complicated. Most of all, we know what
it feels like to have technology make your job harder instead of making it easier like it is supposed to.

Within this site you'll find help, resources, and a community you can turn to when you know
you can do more but are not sure where to start.

Board the Bus!


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